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Rich With History

This historic property is rich with history.  Detail is documented online:

The following are two historic tie-ins to the present day Monastery.  The first (“The Monastery”) reveals interesting facts from over a century ago and the impact of the 2015 restoration; the second (“Golden Wedding Champagne”) reveals remarkable facts about the bubbly made in Mt. Adams 150 years ago and re-created today.

“The Monastery”  In 1843, in his last public speech, President John Quincy Adams (77 yrs. old) opened the new Observatory on the property now occupied by The Monastery.  To coincide with this, the neighborhood received the new name ‘Mt. Adams’ (previously Mt. Ida) to honor the president.  However, by 1873, the telescope had to be moved to escape the excessive pollution coming up from the city.  It was at this time, The Holy Cross Monastery & Chapel were built on the property.  Ironically, after suffering from pollution a century and a half ago, the property is now focused upon having a positive impact on the environment by achieving environmentally friendly LEED certification in 2015.   According to USGBC, “LEED certified buildings save resources and have a positive impact on the health of occupants, while promoting renewable, clean energy”. 

The building was registered as a National Historic Building on September 13, 1978.

“Golden Wedding Champagne”  In the 1800’s Ohio was the biggest wine producing state in the country.  From vineyards in Mt Adams, Nicholas Longworth, who became known as “The Father of the American Wine Industry”, produced “Golden Wedding Champagne” which gained worldwide recognition.  The Monastery Event Center today has resurrected “Golden Wedding Champagne” for its guests.  Having found a winery that produces the bubbly from the same Catawba grape used by Longworth, The Monastery Event Center is private labeling a “Golden Wedding Champagne” which will be used for special toasts.  Also, our couples at The Monastery will receive etched personalized champagne flutes to commemorate both their important date and this notable piece of the history.

There is another fascinating tie-in with this champagne and Cincinnati.  When visiting Nicholas Longworth in Mt. Adams, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote this poem about the same champagne which led to Cincinnati being named the “Queen City”:

The richest and the best
Is the wine of the west
That grows by the beautiful river
And this song of the wine
This greeting of mine
The winds and the birds shall deliver
To the Queen of the West
In her garlands dressed
By the banks of the beautiful river.

Also see the prestigious magazine Wine Spectator’s write up on Nicholas Longworth and Mt. Adams.

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